My Story

I’m a husband to my beautiful wife for over 12 years and a dad to three beautiful girls. I’m based out of Northwest Arkansas and specialize in relationships, mainly through the avenues of photography and sound. I've been shooting photography since 2015 traveling the world to shoot weddings and portraits, while also being able to stay in Northwest Arkansas and produce podcasts and videos that help peoples stories be heard and seen. Interacting with people from all different walks of life is one of my favorite things and I absolutely LOVE that part of my work! A lot of that love flows from the fact that I truly love Jesus. I want photography or storytelling, or really whatever I am doing to always be about loving people. I want to lead people with compassion and grace because I've experienced these very things on my own journey. I’m a forever learner and I continue to discover how to love people on the way.



How long does it take to get my images?

I deliver your images as quickly as possible. Depending on the type of session you book your photos take anywhere from 2-6 weeks for delivery. Please let me know if there is a time urgency, sometimes an expedited process can be worked out in advance!


How do I get my images?

I deliver all my images digitally through my website. You will have your very own gallery to share with friends and family and download your photos directly from.


What gear do you use?

I have all kinds of special gear that works for different situations. My primary camera is a medium format FujiFilm GFX 100s. This camera delivers 100 mega pixels of magic. I also shoot Canon and other FujiFilm cameras. I could nerd out all day on gear so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


How much do your sessions cost?

This is a bit of a loaded question. Depending on the session and length will define the rate. I always begin with a session fee that locks in your date and pays for my time up front. You will not owe any money until after our session is over. With families and seniors I give options for different photo collections and with architecture I charge a day rate to come in and shoot the defined space. Best option is to reach out and I can give you an appropriate estimate!

Let's talk

Let's Talk