The Story Behind the Song "Tell This Valley"

Jared Fincher

I am so excited to finally share my song “Tell This Valley”. It has been a song in the making for over a year now. I got to work closely with my younger brother, Caleb, who did all the instrumentation and I had my sweet friend Johanna help on vocals. The year 2019 and even going into 2020 held a lot for my family. A lot of questioning and seeking filled with valleys that never revealed an exit. Most of these seasons revolved around church ministry and my identity; as in wanting to desperately be where God wanted me and to do the things that I deemed life-changing and impactful.

During my lowest points in that year where I felt alone and hurt I remember asking the Lord, “When is this all going to break? Something has to give because I can’t take much more of this. Lord, I’m scared.”

It was in those moments of despair that I really fell in love with Jesus and His friendship and I learned how to lament. I learned how to just be honest. It is funny how when you feel like you don’t have anyone around you who understands — Jesus can show up in a special way. And He did. It began a new journey for me of discovering a new level of friendship with Him.

In this journey the Lord began to show me His love and compassion through the valleys. I still remember driving home from the gym one cold week night and this chorus beginning to form in my mind,

“Somethings got to break and I’m afraid that it’s my heart.”

I started to pray this prayer of lament to God — telling him how afraid I was and getting this realization that in all of this hurting and wanting my circumstances to change that maybe it was ME He was trying to change. Maybe it was ME who needed to give instead of looking to receive. And that is where “Tell This Valley” began to form in my heart as a song.

You see in our darkest days there is always a light. Redeeming love can make our seemingly dead seasons new again, just like springtime. And in the redeeming and change we don’t have to be afraid. The refining is God’s love being poured out on us, on me. He won’t let me stay the same and that is some of the best news I could ever embrace!

One of the most meaningful lines of this song for me is in the first verse where it says,

“Will you be the banner of love I’m underneath, the kind of friendship that can mend my unbelief.”

That was really behind it all: my unbelief. Jesus has promised to never leave nor forsake his children. In the valley or at the highest peak, He is there. His friendship transcends our greatest needs in life and can become the sweet embrace.
We are not alone Even when it feels like we are, He reminds us we are not. This song is a lament and a reminder of that very truth.


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